Steeling your profits


They produced good products at fair

prices-and only sold you what you needed

to get the job DONE RIGHT.

A fact from the fencing supplier

In the old days one BIG fencing

Manufaturer gave you the facts

The steel posts had to be spaced suffciently

far appart so that they didn’t interfere with the

strands being able to elastically absorb stock


Did you know that 30 years ago the rural

fencing scene was a real gentleman’s game?

That the best fencing for the long run was

elastic-with steel posts arranged to support

high tensile strands at the correct height and

intermediate lightweight droppers to hold the

strands apart at the right spacing.

You could almost feel Sorry for them - until you see they’re

“steeling” your profits...

The BIG fencing supplier has pointed out

in their literature that placing the steel

posts closer together actually increase the

bending loads on the posts near the point

Here’s an example...

These days, fencing can be more about cents - not sense

In these day of high energy costs and

environmental concerns (where it takes over a

tonne of coal to make just one tonne of steel and

produces over two tonnes of CO2 in the process)

some companies have become cutthroat.

They flood the market with tonnes of steel posts

and try to convince you that rigid fencing isn’t that

bad after all-which means (it’s a miricle) you

need to buy tonnes and tonnes of steel posts.

of stock impact and PREVENT elastic fencing

from working as effectivly.

They’re desperate to sell more tonnes at any

cost-including a cost to YOUR profits.


Surprise, surprise.

Luckily, smart farmers don’t buy it.

“It takes more than 3 tonnes of coal

to make just 1 tonne of steel”

More sense as opposed to more

cents for some big steal companies


Elastic fencing is the best way to fence -strongly

and affordably.

Elastic fencing permits ALL 100kgs of weight of that

wire to act as a multi strang spring to absorb

stock impact.

You know that good fencing about keeping your

stock in-not bashing them up

Like the ropes around boxing rings test have

proven that flexible material is best for “bounce

back” strength and durabilty.

Absorbs more energy

And let’s not forget your livestock

It’s an engineering fact that the two post either

side of the impact point must resist the full bending

force cause by a beast impacting a fence.

A typical elastic fence will have six strands of 2.5

mm high tensile wire, with strainers spaced every

500m- if you add it all up, there’s over 100kg of

wire in that 500m.

This 100kg spring elasticlly absorbs a LOT more

energy than two 1m lengths of steel post.

And a smaller force on the post means a smaller

force on your beast-because it hits a spring

instead of a brick wall.

Here’s why

Less bending force

The further apart the posts are space, the smaller

the bending force on the posts will be-because the

angle of deflection for the fence stands at these

two posts is less for the same abount of strech

and energy absorbed in the wire strands.

Here’s What Smart

farmers know:


Why are Lightning Fence

Droppers so good?

Because steel is a resource that’s fast

becoming too expensive to squander.

As well as the right material, the Lightning

Fence Dropper is also implemented in a way

that provides the maximum flexiblity exactly

where it’s needed...

Constructed from high tensile galvanised spring

steel, the Lightning Fence Dropper will recover

more effectivly from stock impact than timber

or rigid metal droppers.

You use less steel posts-while at the same

time improving the energy absorbing ablity of

elastic fencing.

Lightweight resiliant Lightning Fence Droppers

increase and maintain correct spacing of the

fence strands between steel posts.

Use Lightning Fence Droppers

Why is this important?

Between the steel posts...

Use Lightning Fence Dropper and you’ll make

your fencing more cost-dffective AND stronger

for longer!


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