How To Save on A Farm Fence

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How to Save Over $500.00
Per Kilometre and
Build a Stronger Fence

Did you know that 40 years ago the rural fencing scene was a real gentleman’s game?

They produced good products at fair prices-and only sold you what you needed to get the job DONE RIGHT.

In the old days one BIG fencing Manufacturer gave you the facts:

That the best fencing for the long run was elastic-with steel posts arranged to support high tensile strands at the correct height and intermediate lightweight droppers to hold the strands apart at the right spacing.

The steel posts had to be spaced sufficiently far apart so that they didn’t interfere with the strands being able to elastically absorb stock impact.

A fact from the fencing supplier:

The BIG fencing supplier has pointed out in their literature that placing the steel post closer together actually increases the bending loads on the posts near the point of stock impact and PERVENTS elastic fencing from working as effectively.

The Result?

They flood the market with tonnes of steel posts and through clever marketing, convince you that rigid fencing isn’t that bad after all-which means (it’s a miracle) you need to buy tonnes and tonnes of steel posts.


  1. They want to sell more steel.
  2. The fence dropper solution they offer is time consuming to install and stays bent after heavy impact.
dropper on a farm fence
So … How do you save over $500.00 on your fencing costs?

It’s easy …

Just replace

every 2nd post

with a

Lightning Fence


If it’s that simple … why isn’t every one doing it?

Because there are too many savings to count.

Here is where you Save …


    • A fence post is 3 to 4 times the price of a Lightning Fence Dropper

    • It takes over a minute to install and wire/clip up a post and
    • It takes less than 10 seconds to install a Lightning Fence Dropper

    • 1,000 star posts weigh approx. 3,400 kg
    • 1,000 Lightning Fence Droppers weighs less than 200 kg

    • Making the wire for a Lightning fence dropper produces at least 1/20th of the air pollution created making a steel post

    • Using more droppers and less fence posts creates a stronger fence with greater elasticity imposing less strain on your posts when impacted by an animal.
    • An elastic fence bounces back after an animal strike resulting in a very low maintenance fence.

To demonstrate this theory, we had four fencing contractors put together a quote based on the identical specifications.

The results showed an average saving of $506.00 per kilometre in material costs alone. (See below)

Stockman Installing A dropper

In the quote below, the only thing that has changed is the replacement of every 2nd post with a Lightning Fence dropper, resulting in:

  • Posts being spaced further apart
  • Less clips being used
  • Less pressure on the posts when the fence is impacted
  • A savings of $506.39 per kilometre in material costs.
  • A further savings of 50 hours or more in labour costs

(conservatively 45 seconds per post x 4000 posts = 50 hours)

Ferdinan the Bull stopped buy lightning fence droppers


Posts V Droppers




40 Klm Boundary Fence - 4 wire - 2 Plain & 2 Barbed

(Materials Only)


Option 1

Option 2


5 Mtr post spacings

10 Mtr post spacings

Product Price Each Quantity Total Quantity Total
End stay assemblies $232.00 40 $9,280.00 40 $9,280.00
Corner Assemblies $378.00 9 $3,402.00 9 $3,402.00
80nb in-line strainers @ 2400mm $36.27 160 $5,803.20 160 $5,803.20
1800mm JIO post (5mtr spacings) $7.30 8000 $58,400.00 4000 $29,200.00
Jio Clips 250 clips per packet $28.37 128 $3,631.36 64 $1,815.68
Droppers $2.69 0 $ - 4000 $10,760.00
2.5mm HT LL Flexable x 1500m $160.00 55 $8,800.00 55 $8,800.00
1.80mm barb LL x 500m $84.55 166 $14,035.30 166 $14,035.30
2400mm gate (2.4mtr) $53.00 40 $2,120.00 40 $2,120.00
Weld-on hinges 20mm pin & sleeve $6.00 40 $240.00 40 $240.00
Weld-on hinges $6.00 80 $480.00 80 $480.00
Chain latches $11.00 20 $220.00 20 $220.00
Total Price Ex GST   $106,411.86   $86,156.18
Per Km Ex GST   $2,660.30   $2,153.90








Per Klm

If you are installing the fence yourself, Lightning Fence Droppers are so easy and safe to install, you can get your kids to do it.

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